Hello, I'm meizuflux

I’m a programmer but lately I play more video games than code.

I’m quite proficient in Python, and have spent years building sophisticated Discord bots and multiple web applications.

I’m also alright at TypeScript, having built a handful of scripts and frontend web applications. I despise the JS ecosystem, and I generally try to avoid it at all costs. If I do use it, it’s for simple static sites like this.

I believe in privacy and have made a concious effort to think carefully about the implications of a lack of privacy. I try to use more privacy friendly alternatives to popular services and would like to de-Google fully in the future. With that said, I do still use a few invasive services like Windows, and YouTube.

This is my website. It’s created with a simple CSS framework and is more focused on content than style. I’ve got a post system on here but I barely use it. You can navigate around with the links on the top.